Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between OUTDOOR and OPTIONAL?

OUTDOOR means that all activities must be completed outdoors and not on a bike roller or a treadmill. OPTIONAL, on the other hand, means that you have the freedom to choose where and how you do your activities, for example roller bike and outdoor jogging, or vice versa.

Where can I view my recorded activities?

You can view your recorded activities on both your profile and the results page.

Does the order of activities matter?

No, you can record activities in the order you prefer.

If I participate in one of the 10K Running or 100K Cycling modalities, what does one or two activities mean?

You can complete the distance in a single activity or you can perform two separate activities whose sum of distances must reach the minimum distance required. For example you can separate the distance from 100k to 50+50 or 40+60, etc.

If I participate in 21K running mode can I complete it in two activities?

No, the 21K run must be completed in a single activity.

In Duathlon and Olympic Triathlon modes can the activities also be divided?

No, in the Duathlon and the Olympic Triathlon each of the three activities have to be completed in a single activity respectively (Duathlon 5k, 40k, 10k - Triathlon 1.5K, 40K, 10K you can change the order and/or perform each on different days but each of them can not be splitted).

What recommendations should I need to take into account while doing the swimming activity?

- Make sure that your device sends the correct swimming distance and time information to the Strava app.

- Its not allowed to use swimming accesories (such as powerfins, hand paddles, pullbuoy and others). Times obtained will be reviewed.

- The wetsuit is allowed for open water only.

What can I do if I chose the wrong kind of activity in Strava?

You can access the Strava app and edit the activity type. Consequently, it will be updated on the results page.

Can I enter an activity manually in Strava?

No, the platform will not take into account any manually recorded activity.

Can I register my activity with an application other than Strava?

As we only use Strava for time recording on the website, you can only use another application, if it is properly linked to Strava and it allows the recording of time and distance.

If I have already completed my required activities, what if I log another additional activity?

Any additional activity will not be taken into account. This also means that there is no option to improve the previous time.

Can an activity include descents?

Yes, but you have to make up for the descent with a respective ascent. The starting point must not be higher than the arrival point.

What about an activity recorded before or after the event?

Any activity recorded before or after the event will not be taken into account.

One of my activities was not recorded on the page

After registering an activity in Strava it takes some time for the activity to appear on the results page, that is beyond our control and we depend on Strava. It usually doesn't take more than 15 minutes, but if after an hour your activity still does not appear on the results page we ask you to contact us.

Are the activities that are shorter than the minimum distance required valid?

No, if an activity does not meet the minimum distance it will not be taken into account. We suggest that you record a distance slightly longer than the minimum required just to make sure that it is valid.

What if I record an activity with a much longer distance than required?

The total time of the activity will be taken into account.

Are breaks taken into account during the activity?

Yes, the elapsed time is taken into account, including all breaks during the activity. That also means that at the end of the activity it is important that you not only stop the activity but also save it.

Can I change Strava's account?

Once the event starts, you won't be able to change your Strava account. But if you registered the wrong account before the start of the event contact us and we will help you with the account change.

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